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What is MicroLaserPeel?

Laser Energy is used to remove the outhermost layers of the skin at precise depths. The procedure is individually tailored to the nature of the conditions to be corrected. Skin conditions such as wrinkle, acne scars, keratoses, or pigmented lesions can be successfully treated.

Who would consider a MicroLaserPeel?

Those individuals who are looking for more than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels and want vibrant, smoother and healthier skin.

How is the MicroLaserPeel different form Microdermabrasion?

Generally, microdermabrasion removes only the outermost layer of skin and therefore requires multiple treatments. The MicroLaserPeel is a deeper peel allowing for significantly better cosmetic results after just one treatment with a similar cost of multiple dermabrasion sessions.

What can you expect?

You will experience smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin. Depending on your condition the MicroLaserPeel can be repeated in 6 weeks if needed.

How long is the healing process?

Healing takes 3-4 days. The procedure an be performed on a Thursday or Friday, so you can return to work the following Monday. Symptoms immediately following the procedure resemble sunburn, with minor sloughing of skin on the second to fourht day. Redness will begin to fade by the third day, and be easily concealed by makeup on the fourth day.


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